How to land a virtual internship & make the most of it


July 06, 2020

In 2020, the job market is undergoing a tumultuous time. While this should not deter your job hunt, it might impact the number and kind of internship opportunities available to you. We’ve made sure there is a steady stream of internship opportunities on our portal, a universal trend noticed is the pivot to virtual internships from onsite ones. 

Whether it’s early in your degree program or it’s your penultimate degree year, an increasingly competitive landscape means you need to still get experience through an internship – even if virtual. There are hundreds others who are also eyeing virtual internships. We present to you ways to help you land a virtual internship and to make the most of it once you’ve bagged an offer.

1. Make an impression with your application

Virtual internship means you will be working and coordinating online. So, one way to make your application stand out is by showcasing your comfort with digital media and technology. In your application, save space for a digital property. This will serve dual purposes. One, you will have made a great first impression about your willingness to work and learn. Two, your profile will immediately fit the role – apart from the qualifications and experiences of your peers, you’ve also shown your crisis management skills – and your knack for finding opportunities where others see impediments. 

2. Pursue a project-based experience that adds value

Virtual internship strips the experience of working at a company down to the bare essentials – socialisation and networking is harder, so you need to make sure you’re able to make up for all these tangential benefits lost. 

Work with your manager to design an experience that is project-based, such that it allows you to communicate with every department involved in the project. Not only will you get an immersive learning experience, you will also be able to find your rhythm and potentially your area of interest. Choose a project that the company will need for a long term, because your inputs will become crucial in its design. 

In fact, this way you can also engage in multiple projects simultaneously and work/network with an even greater number of people. Find opportunities for learning and grab them. The key to making the most of your virtual internship is to ask for it!

3. Be an early adopter

Like you set yourself apart from your counterparts as an early adopter and crisis manager, continue the streak throughout the internship. Acquire newer skills and leverage your familiarity with SaaS, social media etc to bring more to the table.

Don’t opt for a role where you’re working in silos. A project mentor can help you with feedback about your skills and work approach. Your direct manager is also the one making all assessments and potentially writing your reference letter, so make sure you keep them updated with all that you do – they can redirect you to a better goal, show a better way of doing things or simply give a reassuring nod of approval to your plans. 


To make the most of your virtual role at a company, make your presence felt by contributing more, showing up for optional events/trainings/webinars, volunteering to help with additional responsibilities and just a general alacrity to learn more.

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